What is the Pet Protector?

The Pet Protector isn't just a tag. It's a tag with a 24/7 emergency helpline behind it that can get your pet home safe, sound and soon. The phone number on The Pet Protector tag connects callers to a nationwide emergency system with live operators standing by to help you and your pet in any emergency. Think of it as an I.D. tag that works like '911' for your pet.

The toll-free number on your pet's Pet Protector tag will connect the caller to immediate help. Your pet's unique I.D. number on the tag tells us everything we need to know to help your pet: how to reach you, who to call if you're not available, your pet's veterinarian and medical information and anything you think is
important in case of an emergency.

Pet parents have been counting on us since 1996.
You and your pet can count on us when you need it most.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Lost Pet Alert

If your pet is lost, a Lost Pet Alert will be sent out through The Center for Lost Pets, immediately notifying vets, shelters and volunteers in the area where your pet went missing.

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